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  • Intellij IDEA 插件模板:


  1. 使用模板时,会通过 GitHub Action 创建创建工程,并清理无用的代码。
  2. 通过在 README 里编写的 Todo 来帮助开发人员查看每一步。

Todo 示例:

Template ToDo list

  • Create a new [IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template][template] project.
  • Get familiar with the [template documentation][template].
  • Verify the pluginGroup, plugin ID and sources package.
  • Review the Legal Agreements.
  • Publish a plugin manually for the first time.
  • Set the Plugin ID in the above README badges.
  • Set the Deployment Token.
  • Click the Watch button on the top of the [IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template][template] to be notified about releases containing new features and fixes.